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Theresa Vaughn         

Note: It's interesting to compare Theresa's vertical hair-piece (above) to what Sumerian Princess Puabi of Ur wore. That ancient Gold headdress is shown in Part 5 below. Princess Puabi of Ur (2,600BC) was discovered in 1928, 25 yrs after Theresa past away in 1903. Also note: Vaughan above was an occasional 19th century spelling error of Vaughn.

Welcome to the Theresa Vaughn Website. My research and books about Theresa Ott Vaughn and the Buckbee banjo lead me to the magic of Ancient Sumeria, Tars and Lazgi; ... all will be explained below.

One major result of my work was I became increasingly interested in the entire late 19th Century. This was when our "modern world" first began the process of discovering ancient Sumeria. I believe this was/is humanities best, most important discovery ... ever.

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