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Different Types of Logos

There are many different logo styles but all of them fall into one of three categories. Itís important to think about the type of logo you want to brand your company with, before you brand it.

Text Based Logos

When you think of text-based logos it doesnít always have to mean boring. Disney has a great text-based logo that is inspired by one of the most famous, if not the most famous signatures in history. Other famous text based logos are Microsoft and FedEx. Though they donít have icons associated with the text, the text itself is in fact iconic for lots of brands. There is nothing wrong with text based logos, though often times small businesses see them as too subtle, though they tend to make a huge impact over time and once their brand is established, their just as effective as a symbol. Think about the Ray Ban logo, itís very recognizable, though itís based on nothing but text. Coca-Cola is another good example of a text-based logo that is probably the most well-known, not just text-based, logos in the world.

Text based logos are good if youíre business has a unique name such as Google. Though Google sometimes ďdecoratesĒ their logo on special occasions, their logo is unique enough because their name is unique. Text-based logos are also good for companies that have several ventures, sometimes itís harder to come up with a defining symbol for a company that has their hands in several different endeavors.

Logos containing a symbol

Another type of logo is a symbolic logo, meaning the branding is can be based on just a symbol or icon for itís logo. Nike, NBC, Apple Computers are a few companies that do not need to have any kind of type in their logo for you to know who they are. When you see the Swoosh, you think Nike. When you see the apple with the bite out of it, you think Apple Computers. Sometimes companies will use a combination of a symbolic logo and a text-based logo for a while, then when they have enough brand recognition they will drop the text from their logo, because they feel the symbol can stand on itís own. Graphic symbols are often trademarked so that no one can use anything that is too similar to your logo. The risk is high for using just a symbol for your logo, but the payoff is great if youíre brand is strong enough.

Combining Text & Design Elements in Logos

Most companies use a combination of text and a symbol for their logos, especially companies that are just starting out. A combination logo is probably the most popular of logos. Famous logos that have a combination include Pepsi, Starbucks, McDonalds, and Puma among others. Combination logos are often easier to protect because the symbol is always associated with the company name, which makes the logo more unique.

Now that you know the different types of logos, we can help you get the logo your company deserves. We strive to conquer the challenges of making your companyís logo unique and know it will be a powerful tool in your businessí growth.

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