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Transportation Logos

Transportation logos usually involve some sort of way to move products from one location to another using either a automobile, limo, train or airplane.  In most cases, the logo will obviously have something to do with movement.  One of the most popular logos that we design here have been limousine service logos.  We typically have either a limo in the logo or something of that nature.  Another idea for a limo logo is to stylize a logo with words to show a classy, debonair, and high end logo.  This accomplishes the fact that the logo must deal with something with class and value.  Something you would want to show off in order to attract the higher end clientele.  In any case of moving packages to and from, we can design something thats creative and smart.

transportation and trucking logos

How to design a logo for a transportation company

There would be a few ways to go about designing a logo for a transportation logo.  One obvious choice is to use the form of transportation in the logo itself.  Whether it be a car, truck, van, train or airplane.  You can also design a logo with what the product is being transported.  Either people, packages, or freight.  However in the case of FedEx, they just have words in the logo but they do have a hidden arrow in the words where the E and X come together.

Colors and Design that convey honesty, integrity and professionalism

The colors used for a transportation logo vary tremendously.  In the limo logo designs, you may wish to use a lot of dark colors such as black, blues, greys etc since dark colors tend to exude elegance and prestige.  However the freight transportation industry may use some less darker more neutral colors.  There really isn’t a wrong or right way to design a logo as long as you hire a professional to design your logo.  Anything less may make your logo look less professional.





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Your design was perfect and looks great on my website.
Steven Los Angeles, Ca.

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